New facade appearance of old cloth factory

Tuchfabrik Aluminium Sandwich Elemente Digitaldruck, facade digital printing

The „Alte Tuchfabrik“ was equipped with a 1500sqm facade with digital printing. The special feature is the realization with lightweight aluminium sandwich panels from Metawell, which were assembled like a puzzle. The project „Alte Tuchfabrik, Berlin“ is a corporate building of a cloth factory in Berlin, which came into years. The architects of nps tchoban […]

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IJhal – Amsterdam Centraal Station: large ceiling elements with mirrorlike surface

Metawell spiegelähnliche Oberfläche, Deckenelemente, mirror like surface ceiling elements IjHal

Thanks to the reconstruction, „Centraal Station“ is turned into a beautiful gateway to the city of Amsterdam for the large number of visitors. Passengers, who are arriving by train, tram, metro or bus, are invited by the already existing atmosphere in the building and the numerous shops to stay and relax. Reconstruction will be completed […]

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Zulassung SikaTack®-Panel Klebesystem für Metawall®

Mitte November erhielt das SikaTack®-Panel Klebesystem die allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung zur Verklebung von Metawall® (früher Metawell® Fassadenkassetten BK). Vorteile von Metawall® sind z. B. das geringe Gewicht der Aluminium-Sandwichplatte (nur 5,7 kg/m2) bei gleichzeitiger Verwindungssteifheit, Stabilität und Planität, die Plattengrößen von bis zu 4300 x 1470 mm und vor allem die sehr einfache Verarbeitung. Die […]

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Partitions for sleeping wagon RZD

Metawell Leichtbau, Aluminium, Trennwand, Schiene, lightweight design, aluminium sandwich panels for partitions and compartment doors

The article gives a glimpse why the partitions and compartment doors for the Russian sleeping car RZD were built with the lightweight aluminium sandwich panel Metawell®. Mainly the panels were chosen, because of their low weight and the high fire classification. Innotrans Report No. 3 – August 2012

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Lightweight design with aluminium sandwich panels for railway industry

Metawell leichtes Aluminium Sandwich Material für Schienenfahrzeuge / lightweight aluminium sandwich for railway vehicle

Modern railway vehicles have to be efficient, concerning energy, maintenance and costs. An essential component to the fulfilment of these demands is consequently lightweight construction which is, nevertheless, at the same time very durable. Modern and efficient lightweight construction materials give to the designers more and more possibilities to realise this objective also in rail […]

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