From the aluminium lightweight panel to ready-to-be-installed systems


From lightweight panel to ready-to-be-installed systems
Metawell® and Metawell Aluflex® convince with absolute evenness, low weight and excellent rigidity without any quality or stability loss.

Combined with engineering expertise and advanced manufacturing technologies, the products open up a wide range in the area of innovative, lightweight design:

Lightweight panels with aluminium cover sheets

The following materials are produced in a continuous manufacturing process with proven technology:

  • Metawell®, is a patented lightweight panel, with two aluminium cover sheets and a corrugated core
  • Metawell® Aluflex, is connected to only one layer. This structure allows very simple forming

The products listed below are made in project-related one-off production:

  • MetaCore® is a product specially designed for very high loads
  • Composites aluminium composite with cork, aluminium composite with foam

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Usage of corrugation channels

Metawell® sandwich panels filled with different materials for improved sound insulation or for protection of wires. Learn more about usage of corrugation channels.

CNC machining

Processing of Metawell® lightweight panels on modern CNC machines and circular saws.
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Components and systems

Ready-to-be-installed systems for facade cladding, functional ceilings, interior and exterior components for rail vehicles and ships, components for automotive and machine covers.
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