Versatile lightweight construction with Metawell®

Versatile lightweight construction with Metawell®
Our lightweight aluminium sandwich panels show their diversity and specific application possibilities in automotive, railway vehicles and shipbuilding. In construction they are used as facades, functional ceilings and for interior design. Furthermore Metawell® is often used for many other industrial applications.

Main applications of our aluminium sandwich panels:

Modern solutions for transportation

With robust, yet lightweight aluminium sandwich elements, Metawell GmbH accomplishes a valuable contribution to future-oriented automotive engineering. Load-bearing body parts of the highest stability and bending strength can be realised as easily as formable crash elements, panelling and components for interior fitting and exterior applications.

Design and functionality for future construction

The numerous high demands made in construction of the future are unified when the very lightweight and bending resistant Metawell® aluminium sandwich panels are applied. They offer a freedom of form design for contemporary architecture, create innovative designs and stand also for sustainability, energy efficiency and economic feasibility.

Use for industrial applications

Our lightweight panels show their diverse and individual fields of application used as machine covers, rack systems and many other industrial applications.