Special solutions – the perfect panel for your application

Depending on the quantity of your project, the production of special products is possible. Parameters or other core material desired by the customer can be included in the panel design. Therefore the optimal solution for the project can be obtained.

Advantages at a glance:

  • adjustment of the panel properties by using the most suitable core material and the matching cover sheets
  • low weight
  • adjustment of panel design to the respective application

MetaCore® with high compressive strength

The structure of MetaCore® is quite similar to the so-called honeycombs or honeycomb composite panels. In contrary to a honeycomb, the core consists of Metawell® Aluflex and therefore has a much stronger honeycomb structure. Starting with a panel thickness of 30 mm, MetaCore® is a product developed especially for high stress loads. The core material is turned by 90° to the panel surface so that a “standing” wave serves as core. This structure enables flexible panel thicknesses and, because of the special arrangement of the core material, extremely high compressive strength. MetaCore® is produced on a project-related basis and can be configured with various cover sheets and geometries optimised for the respective requirements.


  • flexible panel thickness from 30 – 50 mm
  • extremely high compressive strengths for high pressure load (e.g. highly stressed floor applications)
  • maximum dimensions of the panels 2.40 x 4.60 m

Aluminium composite panel with structural foam

Especially when good thermal insulation is required, the composite panel with structural foam proved to be the right choice.


  • good insulation
  • good structure-borne sound insulation
  • maximum dimensions of the panels 2.40 x 4.60 m

Aluminium composite panel with cork

This composite panel is characterized by its sustainability, as recyclable aluminium and cork are a 100 % renewable resources.


  • excellent sound insulation
  • good isolation
  • impressive stiffness
  • low weight
  • maximum dimensions of the panels 2.40 x 4.60 m
  • good thermal insulation