Metawell® Aluflex – sandwich panels for curved lightweight elements

  • Lightweight aluminium panel, where a cover sheet is connected to a corrugated aluminium sheet in a continuous manufacturing process

  • Material with highly anisotropic stiffness, resulting in a very simple two-dimensional shaping (see video)

  • Simple processing of the material with standard tools

  • High corrosion protection since all used aluminium sheets are pretreated with a primer

  • 100 % recyclable without prior separation of materials

Overview technical data

Metawell aluflex overview

Easiest forming with Metawell® Aluflex

Metawell® Aluflex is a material with rigidity levels that depend strongly on the direction. The corrugated sheet is bonded to only one aluminium cover sheet. This structure enables easy 2D-forming and provides a high rigidity to curved lightweight elements (e. g. curved ceilings).


Product description is composed as follows:

Metawell Aluflex Plate Structure

Type – Aluflex
t2 – thickness of bottom cover sheet
tw – thickness of corrugation
H – panel overall thickness in millimetres

Further information regarding the surface can be included:
cc – coil coating
hl – primer
sf – protective film

The direction of the corrugation is shown on the following drawing:

Forming parallel to the corrugation

Thanks to its special structure Metawell® Aluflex can be transformed very easily around the axis parallel to the corrugation tops, with smaller bending radii (e.g. for Metawell® Aluflex 05-02 / H4.7 smaller than 200 mm) even plastically. The bending parameters have to be determined case-wise to make sure that both bending radii and bending angle can be reproduced. In order to compensate the spring-back effect of the material, the´over-bending‘ is very important. The rigidity around this bending axis is small. It may be necessary to stiffen the element additionally e. g. by gluing a metal sheet or other surface material to the corrugation in order to obtain a two-dimensionally formed „panel“. With this bending technique radii of 30 mm and more can be realized easily with Metawell® Aluflex 05-02 / H4.7.

Forming vertically to the corrugation

Any transformation vertically to the corrugation makes the structural element considerably stiffer, so that it can often be mounted directly. Metawell® Aluflex 05-02 / H4.7 is suitable for bending radii of more than approx. 100 mm. With smaller radii the corrugation tends to be “pulled flat” and the corrugation is seen through the cover sheet. Is the bending done with the corrugation on the inner side, higher min. bending radii are requested to avoid that the corrugated sheet buckles.

Note: It is strongly recommended to make tests with suitable samples in order to determine the working parameters as e.g. the overbending angle.

Powder-coatable material

On request, powder-coatable panels can be offered.

Video of forming Metawell® Aluflex

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