The corrugation channels are used to add different functions to the rigid lightweight aluminium panels.

Metawell® Alu-Silent – sandwich panels with sound insulation

Metawell®Alu-Silent is a patented aluminium sandwich panel, which has an enormous sound insulation in terms of weight and panel thickness. The high sound insulation is realized by a special sand filling, which is filled into the corrugated channels of the Metawell® panel.

The good static values and the high fire ratings of the well-established Metawell® panels are preserved or even improved. The chart gives a small overview over the three different panel types:

Metawell Alu Silent overview

Metawell® with integrated heating wire

Thanks to its specific design Metawell® is also an excellent panel heating. The hollow space between the cover sheets is used for the integration of a heating wire, which is ideally protected by the cover sheets. Thanks to the corrugation of the core material, an outstanding heat distribution is achieved, so that an almost even temperature distribution can be realized on the surface. Especially for underfloor heating systems in the transport industry, the advantages of Metawell® panels – very high load capacity, great thermal conduction and low weight – are ideally combined.


  • Using very durable panels with a high corrosion resistance
  • Very good protection of the heating wire against mechanical damage
  • High flexibility in the local power density by varying the wire distances in the corrugation channels without tooling (e.g. edge 500 W/m², in the middle 250 W / m² with the same cable)
  • Power up to 1000 W/m²
  • Voltage up to 400 V AC
  • Pure ohmic resistance, no EMC disturbances expected, insensitive against “impure voltage” (frequency overlays)
  • Halogen-free
  • Very good heat distribution through the physical contact between the cable and the corrugation channel
  • Grounding of heating wire by metallic protective mesh
  • Maintenance-free
  • Since the cable is already protected in the panel, the position of the supports must not be observed additionally