Metawell machine covers & claddings

Great importance for industrial applications

For industrial applications like machine claddings the mechanical properties of Metawell® lightweight aluminium panels are of great significance. Especially when there are diverse requirements, e.g. with movable housing parts, machine claddings or shelving systems, Metawell® sandwich panels show their advantages.

  • Reduction in weight thanks to lightweight construction → easier to handle and reduced transport costs
  • High sound insulation
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Flatness of the elements
  • Surface coating (e.g. coil and spray coating or powder coating on request)
  • High bending resistance in shear-resistant surfaces
  • Resource efficiency due to lightweight
  • 100 % recyclable without previous material separation
  • Module assembly for serial production, therefore low production depth and relief of assembly line
  • Engineering support

Customized solutions for machine claddings

Besides Metawell® aluminium lightweight panels are also produced to individual project requirements. Customized solutions for machine claddings, such as contour milling or laterally embedded edge finishes, offer a variety of possibilities for the realization of ambitious projects. In combination with an appropriate surface, Metawell® elements can be offered as ready-to-be-installed components.

Metawell® – first class solutions for industrial applications like

  • enclosures and machine claddings
  • handling systems
  • machine tables
  • elements for logistics systems
  • production of special housings and machine covers

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