An energy storage system on a giga scale was developed. The purpose of this (seasonal) storage system is to store heat throughout the year, which can then be used to supply a neighboring city with heat in the winter. The heat can come from a variety of sources, such as refuse incineration, surplus solar heat, heat from rivers, heat from wind energy, etc.

To increase efficiency, storage tanks sizes of 1-2 million cubic meters of water, which then has a temperature of about 95°C, have been developed. The storage tanks are dimensioned in such a way that a city can be supplied with heating energy. In order to minimize heat losses and to prevent contamination of the water, it was necessary during the development to provide a cover for the storage tanks. This is where the Metawell® sandwich panel comes into play. In order to make the cover light but still stable a floating cover was developed where the surface above can still be used.

More information about the large water heat storage tank giga TES.

The floating heat storage cover received the ACR Innovation Award. Further information about AEE INTEC – Heat transition with multiple benefits.

We are very proud to have been involved in this great project and thereby to advance innovative, future-proof and sustainable concepts for the energy transition.