Sustainability in Metawell functional ceilings

Metawell® funktional ceilings

In the further course you will find information about the raw material aluminium, Metawell’s sustainable approach and how Metawell® functional ceilings meet criteria for DGNB certification.

Aluminium as a sustainable raw material

Due to the mining of bauxite and the high energy requirements for the production of primary aluminium, the material aluminium is often criticised. What is often not taken into account in this discussion, however, are the advantages that arise from the use of aluminium:

  • unlimited recyclability and thereby increasing the amount of recycled aluminium which is in circulation
  • multifunctional and durable material. Its properties create applications that save energy in a lasting and efficient manner in building and construction, transportation, plant engineering and construction, mechanical engineering and in many other fields
  • the energy used in the primary production of aluminium is not lost, because it is stored in the products and “reactivated” during recycling. The energy use of recycling is up to 95 % lower as compared to the primary aluminium production.

Green Building – Construction under sustainable aspects

Green building refers to construction from a sustainable point of view. Energy and materials are used as efficiently as possible, while at the same time the negative impact on people and the environment is reduced. Both the construction of the building and the period of use and environmentally sound disposal of the materials after use are considered. In order to make everything measurable and comparable, institutions have been founded in many countries that carry out the assessment according to different evaluation standards. In Germany, the assessment according to DGNB is predominant, in the Anglo-Saxon countries the assessment according to LEED. In the DGNB, a number of assessment criteria are considered, such as ecological, economic and functional quality. In the individual criteria, evaluation points are awarded for the achievement of targets. The sum of all evaluation points and their weighting decide on certification in bronze, silver or gold according to the DGNB and in silver, gold or platinum according to LEED. To facilitate the certification of a building, so-called environmental product declarations (EPDs) are advantageous, because the single products have a life cycle assessment. Environmental product declarations in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14025 Type III and EN 15804 are available for the functional ceilings.

Member of DGNB e.V. – German Sustainable Building Council

Metawell GmbH is a member of DGNB e.V., the German Sustainable Building Council.
Various buildings with Metawell® ceilings have already been certified with DGNB Gold or DGNB Platinum.

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