Radiant ceilings for hospitals

Advantages of Metawell® hospital ceilings

  • Aluminium sandwich panel does not absorb water, so that germ and mold cannot be formed
  • Cooling capacity at 10 K is 86 W/m²
  • Can be mounted on standard drywall rails with countersunk screws
  • Can be coated with all varnishes and colors common in hospitals
  • All materials can be returned to the recycling loop without separation
  • Can easily be cleaned because of its evenness
  • Rapid distribution of germs in the room air is minimized significantly

Pleasant, clean and healthy

The ceiling construction in hospitals must not create a breeding ground for germs, it must be hygienically safe and easy to clean. The closed gapless Metawell® radiant ceiling consists out of an aluminium carrier plate with copper pipes and is thanks to its’ characteristics ideal for the use in hospitals. The installation of the Metawell® ceiling is just as easy as that of a plasterboard ceiling. However, unlike plasterboard, the aluminium sandwich panel does not absorb water, so that germ and mold cannot be formed. but the cooling performance is approximately twice as high.

The heat given off by a radiant heating ceiling is sensed as very pleasant. Since the surrounding surfaces are heated as well the same room temperature can be perceived with less energy expenditure (1-2 kelvin lower). In comparison to a floor heating the radiant ceiling heating has the advantage that the floor temperature does not get too high. Thereby problems with athlete’s foot, which spreads relatively fast on a constantly warm floor, can be prevented. Disinfectants, which are regularly used for cleaning, do not dry out quickly and are therefore more effective. The warmth from above also scores with better hygiene, because convector ducts and heater niches present a dirt problem not to be underestimated.


Metawell® gapless ceilings are delivered with a smooth surface (without sound absorption) or perforated (with sound absorption) and as passive (without copper tubes) or active (with copper tubes) ceilings.
The copper tubes on active panels are pressed into aluminium heat conducting profiles. The profiles are invisibly and durably connected to the panel with an adhesive tape and blind rivets. Gapless ceilings are normally permanently connected to the supply network, e.g. the copper tubes are pressed or brazed with the room-sided piping.

Sustainable and energy efficient

Metawell® hospital ceiling elements consist out of an aluminium carrier plate with copper pipes. Both materials are excellent heat conductors.Therefore Metawell® hospital ceilings respond extremely fast and achieve high performance values. Furthermore EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) according to DIN EN ISO 14025 Type III and EN 15804 are offered.

Download our BIM objects for Revit or ArchiCAD:
BIM objects: Metawell Objects as CAD version