Advantages of Metawell® acoustic ceiling sails

  • Metawell® acoustic elements are suitable for all rooms where the reverberation time impairs speech intelligibility
  • the aluminium sandwich structure warrants high rigidity with an elegant and filigree appearance. With only 6 mm of visible edge, the element is very thin, but at the same time so rigid that the suspension ropes can be arranged far in the centre of the panel and are therefore barely visible
  • with the included suspension ropes, the sail can be mounted in no time
  • material properties help the sail to be extremely light weight with high stability
  • easy and fast installation
  • can also be mounted under sloping ceilings
  • cutouts and additional attachments are possible
  • different geometries
  • the sail is delivered with a high-quality coilcoated surface in the colour RAL 9010 (pure white). If renovation is required after years, the element can be easily covered, the acoustic values are still preserved. Even repeated overcoating is possible without loss of performance.
Acoustic Sail Basic Circle Equivalent Absorption Area
Dimension Weight Absorption surface SAP number
Ø 1480 mm 8.3 kg 1.38 m² 350 000 91
Ø 1230 mm 5.9 kg 0.95 m² 350 000 90
Ø 980 mm 3.9 kg 0.60 m² 350 000 89

Technical Details

  • panel edge – all-round white piping
  • panel height 6.0 mm
  • structure height 30 mm (incl. C-profile, without suspension)
  • suspension height 200 – 1200 mm (with rope hanger)
  • colour RAL 9010 (pure white)
  • perforation Q6x16
  • acoustic fleece
  • hole proportion 11%
  • light reflection 76%
  • noise absorption αw 80%
  • absorption class B