Electric heating ceiling from Metawell

Direct electric heaters, i.e. our electric heating ceiling, make sense in sporadically used buildings or zones where the installation of a water-powered heating system leads to high maintenance and maintenance costs. Even partially used buildings, e.g. schools and kindergartens that are not in use for long periods in summer and can use electricity from PV systems during the day are also suitable.

The extremely flat, lightweight and highly thermally conductive sandwich elements serve as a support panel and are quick and easy to be installed. The surface temperatures are within the comfort range. The temperature level is significantly lower than, for example, with infrared panels. This has the advantage that permanent living areas in non-residential buildings can be cosily equipped with our electric heating ceiling. There are two control options. Either a central power supply unit (transformer) is installed for each zone, the electric heating ceiling are connected with 24 V cabling and the room thermostat is connected to the power supply unit by cable. Or each element has a separate power supply unit in a 230 V radio-controlled socket, which is controlled by a wireless room thermostat.

If the heat requirement calculation results in a value of 20…30 W/m², 10 to 15 % of the ceiling area should be covered with our elements. Please send us your enquiry to info@metawell.com.