Ceiling sails – endless versatility with Metawell®

Metawell® Ceiling sails are suspended from the raw ceiling as single panels or combined to islands. They can have different contours, edge designs and surface coatings. Therewith the radiant ceiling as a functional component of the building technology becomes a creative design element with sound absorbing characteristics.

Thanks to their open design ceiling sails offer clear advantages vis-a-vis closed ceilings: greater specific performance, better accessibility, simpler assembly and lower investment costs.

Metawell® ceiling sails enable plenty of scope for creative design with regard to form, surface structure and color. Thanks to the good sound absorption and thermal conductivity, only part of the ceiling surface must be equipped with Metawell® ceiling sails.

Metawell® radiant ceiling sails improve room acoustics without reducing the cooling and heating efficiency of buildings with a core-tempered ceiling. Moreover, performance deficiencies can be compensated specifically. The ceiling sails are supplied ready to fit and are mounted at a certain distance from the ceiling. Thus, the reverse side of the ceiling sail can also absorb and neutralize sound waves.

  • Ceiling sails warrant a better performance than closed ceilings because their open structure allows convection – particularly if the sails are flat such as Metawell® ceiling sails (no upstand needed for reinforcement)
  • Reduced assembly times and costs
  • Up to 150 W/m2 cooling performance (at a temperature difference of 10 K)
  • high performance allows a reduced covering density compared to plasterboard and steel systems
  • Up to 140 % sound absorption (relative to the projected floor space)
  • Panel sizes up to 1480 x 6000 mm
  • Different contours, edges and surfaces
  • EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) according to DIN EN ISO 14025 Type III and EN 15804

Download our BIM objects for Revit or ArchiCAD:
BIM objects: Metawell Objects as CAD version