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Metawell Ceiling Solutions

Gapless ceilings

Thanks to their low weight and high stability Metawell® panels are ideal for ship interior works.
The high inherent rigidity of Metawell® allows statics to be weakened by large cutouts for recessed lights and the stress caused by high lamp weights, e.g. of pendant lights up to 7.5 kg. As a rule, it is not necessary to hang the lights separately from the raw ceilings. As the panels are provided with a special primer, the panels are ideally suited for further processing with paint, wallpaper (possibly additional adhesion promoter is requested) or foils.

Metawell® gapless ceilings are offered with different edge finishes. They are often provided with filler chamfers at the panel joints to ensure that the filler can be removed to zero. Thanks to the extraordinary flatness of the panel, only the joint area has to be filled and not the entire panel. In shipbuilding, care must be taken to use elastic filler. Suitable edge finishes for gapless ceilings:

Edge design for gapless ceilings EPD

Edge design for gapless ceilings EPD

Nut & Feder System mit angefaster Feder

Tongue and groove for ship ceilings


  • Low weight and high stability
  • Wider grid dimension of the substructure
  • Large cutouts for e.g. recessed lights without additional reinforcement
  • Easy further processing with paint, wallpaper or foils thanks to primered surfaces
  • Time saving, because due to the small dimensional tolerances only the panel joints have to be smoothed
Montage einer fugenlosen Schiffsdecke

Installation of a gapless ceiling

  • The substructure made of standard steel profiles is mounted to the ship ceiling with sound-decoupled hangers.
  • The Metawell®ceiling panels are attached to it with self-drilling countersunk screws and a circumferential shadow gap.
  • Joints and screw heads are filled and sanded with common materials.
  • The surface is then painted and coated.
  • Thanks to the extraordinary flatness of the panel, only the joint areas need to be filled – and not the complete panel.

Ceiling elements

Metawell® ceiling elements are suspended from the raw ceiling as individual panels or islands and can have any contour, different edge geometries and all kind of surfaces and coatings. The panels are usually coated with a primer and therefore ideal for subsequent further coating with paint, wallpaper, foils etc. For larger projects colored coil-coated panels can be supplied. Imo-certified digital printing can be offered, too.


  • Short assembly times and costs
  • Panel sizes up to 1500 x 6000 mm
  • Different contours, edges and surfaces
Edge Closing

Edge finishes for ceiling elements

Easy Installation

Simple installation of ceiling elements

Curved ceiling elements

Metawell® Aluflex is a panel with rigidity levels that depend strongly on the direction of use. It consists of a thin corrugated aluminium sheet that is glued to a single aluminium cover sheet. This structure enables easy two-dimensional forming and provides an incredibly high rigidity to the curved lightweight elements.
Curved ceiling domes without residual stress can be easily implemented with e.g. Metawell® Aluflex 08-03 hl / H 9.8.

Abklappbare gebogene Deckendome Schiffbau

Removable curved ceiling elements

Gebogene Dedeckendome Schiffbau

Curved ceiling elements

Ceiling friezes

The combination of Metawell® and Metawell® Aluflex allows a wide range of design possibilities for ceiling friezes and make their implementation easy.

Deckenfries Metawell Skizze

Drawing ceiling friezes Metawell®

Leichtbau Decken Schiffe Yachten

Ceiling friezes Metawell®