Innovative concepts for modular ceilings

The modular ceilings dealt with hereafter usually consist out of square or rectangular panels that are installed by hanging them up with commercial substructures. Modular ceilings are found in rooms where a high performance is requested while the ceiling is almost closed. In contrast to conventional grid ceilings, Metawell® ceilings do not require a band grid profile. What is more, the individual panels up to 6.0 m long and 1.5 m wide can be suspended directly from the raw ceiling as modular ceilings and be combined to form a ceiling with visible joints.

As the panel geometry can be freely chosen, Metawell® panels can be provided with polygonal contours, too. Placeholders for possible partitions are put on the individual ceiling panels. These can easily be removed if necessary. Modular ceilings can be realized in any dimension within the maximum element size of 1480 x 6000 mm. The largest square modular ceiling has a size of 1480 x 1480 mm. With the necessary 20 mm assembly joint, the grid is 1500 mm. Modular ceilings have a pipe distance of 80 mm and an installation joint of 20 mm. The combination of a grid ceiling with other ceiling types such as gapless ceilings or sails allows a vivid ceiling design that combines harmoniously and optimally aesthetic aspects and functional attributes such as accessibility, sound absorption, light reflection, cooling and heating.

  • Different panel sizes and formats
  • Mounting of large ceiling in-built units without additional substructure
  • Up to 120 W/m2 cooling performance (at a temperature difference of 10 K)
  • EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) according to DIN EN ISO 14025 Type III and EN 15804

Download our BIM objects for Revit or ArchiCAD:
BIM objects: Metawell Objects as CAD version