Video about easy formability of Metawell® Aluflex

Metawell® Aluflex is a lightweight aluminium material, where the aluminium cover plate is connected to a formed corrugated aluminium sheet. Thanks to this special design, it is a material with stiffness highly depending on bending direction. The structure allows a very simple two-dimensional shaping. Curved lightweight elements can be realized with simple instruments. Just a cheap form e.g. made of particle board is needed to shape Metawell® Aluflex in nearly every 2D form you can imagine. The flexible material is inserted into the created form and an adhesive-brushed sheet is fixed onto Metawell® Aluflex. After 24 hours, the adhesive is cured and the curved lightweight component can be removed easily from the mold. The 2 minutes video shows in a very simple way, how easy it is to form the material. Enjoy the show.