Improving room acoustics quite easily with Metawell® acoustic sails

In our hectic and steadily louder world, the desire for silence is only too easily comprehensible. This applies to the private sphere, but in particular to the workplace. Whether it is in office buildings, kindergartens, schools, sports halls, public administration and public buildings or in certain areas in hospitals – excessive noise is perceived as disturbing and leads to reduced performance.
Creating rooms acoustically pleasant is a great challenge, especially if you are looking at building physics and design trends, like concrete core tempering. The optimization of the audibility in the room, increased speech intelligibility and a low reverberation time are of great importance here.
Compared to many sound absorbers available on the market, Metawell® ideally covers the speech frequencies (300-600 Hz), making it perfect for rooms where people talk at the same time (e.g. large open-plan offices).

Your advantages when using Metawell® acoustic elements

  • Metawell® acoustic elements are suitable for all rooms where the reverberation time impairs speech intelligibility. The elements have performed so well in acoustic tests that they have been classified as „Absorber class A“.
  • The aluminium sandwich structure warrants high rigidity with an elegant and filigree appearance. With only 6 mm of visible edge, the element is very thin, but at the same time so rigid that the suspension ropes can be arranged far in the centre of the panel and are therefore barely visible.
  • With the included suspension ropes, the sail can be mounted in no time. A minimum suspension height is lower, a different suspension system is available on request.
  • With a weight of only 8.9 kg, the element is a lightweight under the acoustic elements.
  • The element is delivered with a high-quality coil-coated surface in the color RAL 9010 (pure white). If renovation is required after years, the element can be easily covered, the acoustic values are still preserved. Even repeated overcoating is possible without loss of performance.
  • The acoustic elements can be downloaded as BIM objects.
  • Easy and fast installation.
  • Can also be mounted under sloping ceilings.
  • Cut-outs and additional attachments are possible.

Video about easy installation of Metawell® acoustic elements


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Overview of Metawell® acoustic element Basic 2000-W and Perfect 2000-W

Overview Metawell® acoustic element

Product Reviews

“As far as mounting is concerned, Metawell is second to none. The suspension is fast, uncomplicated and easy – our technicians are always surprised how quickly a ceiling element is mounted. With over 30 years of experience in the field of acoustics, we are absolutely convinced of this system. ”
David Bircks, Managing Director, DTB-Donau-Trocken-Bau GmbH

“We have assembled the acoustic ceilings of Metawell (4 pieces a 0.98 x 2.00 m) in a small office with extreme reverberation and are all absolutely thrilled with the result. The reverberation has completely disappeared. ”
Stephan Bösl, Aumer Stahl- und Hallenbau GmbH

Design of Metawell® acoustic element Perfect 2000-W

Design Metawell® acoustic element

Absorber classes

Acoustic elements are tested according to DIN EN 11654. On the basis of the test results, the material is assigned to an absorber class A, B, C, D or E. The classification is based on the respectively evaluated sound absorption coefficient. Absorber class A is the highest sound-absorbing class.

Absorber classes

Additional information about the optional workplace lighting

Luminaire length 985 mm
Voltage LED light: 24 VDC
Power: 30 W
Color temperature: 3500 K
Luminous flux: 4000 lm
Efficiency: 136 lm / W
Color rendering value: CRI: 84

The cover of the LED light is flush with the Metawell ® acoustic element and the sides of the light cover are opaque to prevent light scattering.
The dimmable LED light is provided including power supply (230 V AC / 24 V DC, 30 W) with connector cable with 2 m open strands for an easy connection to the existing power supply.