Jointless ceilings – classically smooth

Suspended plaster ceilings are usually made of plasterboard. In contrast, Metawell® jointless ceilings consist of aluminium sandwich panels and copper pipe meanders. Because of the used materials the ceilings offer great performance and a high response speed.

The exceptionally light aluminium sandwich panel is very bending-resistant. Therefore the grid dimension of the substructure can be doubled compared to plasterboard. The advantages: greater flexibility in ceiling installations and a denser meander layout.

The edge of the panels used for jointless ceilings are pressed together, so that only the joints need to be leveled out. Thanks to the extraordinarily flat surface only the joints – not the entire ceiling – needs to be leveled.

  • panel formats matched to the building
  • optimised performance design taking into account the ceiling cut-outs and substructure
  • up to 110 W/m2 cooling performance (at 10 K under temperature)
  • all current surface coatings are possible: e. g. emulsion paint, sound-absorbing plaster coating, plastering techniques
  • EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) acc. to DIN EN ISO 14025 Type III and EN 15804

Suspended jointless ceilings with aluminium sandwich panels

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