Facades and radiant ceilings for VIB Vermögen AG in Kreut

Metawall aluminium sandwich vorgehängte hinterlüftete Fassade / curtain wall facade
Metawell Klima- und Akustikdeckensegel / radiant and acoustic ceiling
Metawell Klima- und Akustikdeckensegel / radiant and acoustic ceiling

End of April, VIB Vermögen AG moved into their new building at Tillypark in Kreut. The building is a state-of-the-art office building with 2,600 sqm of useable space.

Large, stable and light-weight Metawall® facade cassettes were delivered for the rear ventilated facade system. A rear ventilated facade offers advantages, such as a long lifetime, low maintenance costs and good weather protection. In summer, the building is protected against over-heating and in winter from undercooling, which leads to a high level of comfort.

The used Metawell® radiant ceiling elements also contribute to a high level of wellbeing. The ceiling elements work similar to the sun. Through the copper pipe meanders on the backside of the element, either warm or cold water is passed, so that it radiates down and the room temperature is always on a comforting level – without disturbing air conditioning noise or noticeable breeze. Furthermore the ceiling elements lead to good room acoustics because of a high sound absorption.