Lightweight elements for marine applications

Metawell® lightweight panels and components are perfect for the wide use in shipbuilding, because of their low weight, high bending strength, additional corrosion protection and minimal material thicknesses. Therefore Metawell® lightweight components are often used e.g. on cruise ships, ferries, luxury yachts and mega yachts. Compared with solid aluminium a weight saving of up to 80 % can be achieved.

The lightweight panels made of aluminium are specifically approved for shipbuilding. For the necessary tests the whole sandwich material was tested. The certificate MED/3.64 C Class Division (Marine Equipment Directive – Directive 2014/90/EU, also called IMO/SOLAS, wheelmark, EC-Type Examination Certificate) is available.

Metawell® is produced in Germany and is successfully and extremely versatile used in shipbuilding. With an experience of more than 30 years, we can assist you in finding a technically and economically useful solution – from the lightweight panel to ready-to-be-installed components.


  • Good corrosion resistance thanks to the use of suitable seawater aluminium alloys according to DIN and an additional primer
  • Easy processing by using commercial woodworking machinery and best practices of carpenters - both in the workshop or directly on board
  • Easy installation of mounting parts through e.g. glueing, screwing, riveting
  • Corrosion protection, also of the core
  • Individual surfaces by: digital printing, lamination, coating. On request powder-coatable panels can be offered
  • The material is suitable for interior design up to the C Class Division and also for the protected outdoor area
  • Certification according MED/3.64 C Class Division (Marine Equipment Directive – Directive 2014/90/EU, also called IMO/SOLAS, wheelmark, EC-Type Examination Certificate)
  • Longtime experience in the shipbuilding industry
  • Delivery of tailored panels and machined parts on request
  • 100 % recyclable

Wall linings

Large format Metawell® panels can be used on a ship as walls or wall linings. They can be integrated into any interior design with paints, digital printing, film-coating or HPL. Curved parts and parapet claddings are implemented with the easily formable Metawell® Aluflex. This enables custom interior designs for bars, lounges, theatres or discotheques with hardly any technical limitations.

Learn more about our lightweight walls and panels for ships.

light wall Ovation of the Seas

Ovation of the Seas, wall

Wall linings main stairwell, AIDAbella

AIDAbella, wall linings

Ceiling solutions

Large-sized ceiling elements with Metawell® aluminium sandwich panels require only a simple substructure. With the lightweight but dimensionally stable Metawell® aluminium panels, not only the standard frame design is possible, but also self-supporting suspended ceiling canopies, ceiling domes or curved ceiling domes can be realised easily.

Learn more about our lightweight ceiling solutions.

NCL Breakaway, ceiling elements

NCL Breakaway, ceiling elements

AIDAblu corridor curved ceiling element

AIDAblu, curved ceiling element

Raised floors and platforms

To minimize assembly time and to extend the grid width of the substructure for raised floors, the formats of Metawell® aluminium sandwich panels are simply adapted. The Metawell® aluminium panel Alu hl 10-03-10 hl / H6 is used in areas that have higher requirements for the compressive strength of the panels.

Learn more about our lightweight raised floors and platforms.

AIDAblu raised floor

AIDAblu, raised floor

Raised floor, Celebrity Solstice

Celebrity Solstice, raised floor

Ship furniture and special constructions

Because of their good sound attenuation characteristics and their bending strength, Metawell® aluminium panels are used for the construction of ship furniture and special constructions.

Learn more about our column cladding, beam cladding & more for shipbuilding.

AIDAprima special walls

AIDAprima, design wall


AIDAprima, columns

Video – rectangular column fabrication with tongue & groove


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Processing tips
Shaping Metawell® Aluflex
Metawell® Tongue and groove connection

Common panel types for wall linings
Alu hl 08-03-05 hl / H10
Alu hl 05-03-05 hl / H10*
Alu hl 08-02-05 hl / H6
Alu hl 05-02-05 hl / H6

Common panel types for formed components
Aluflex hl 05-03 hl / H9,2*
Aluflex hl 05-02 hl / H4,7

Common panel types for ceiling elements
Alu cc 08-02-05 hl / H6
Alu hl 08-02-05 hl / H6
Alu hl 08-03-05 hl / H10

Common panel types for floors
Alu hl 10-03-10 hl / H11,5
Alu hl 10-03-10 hl / H6

Types for sound reduction
Alu-Silent hl 08-02-05 hl / H6 Rw = 32dB
Alu-Silent hl 10-03-10 hl / H11.5 Rw = 38dB

Metawell® data sheets
The figures are for guidance only. The suitability of the panels for specific applications should be checked in advance. For project-specific orders, panels from 5 to 22 mm can be manufactured. Please contact us.
*material available only project related


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