Quality for more safety

The quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001. Metawell® radiant ceilings have the building material class B1 and their design has been tested regarding thermal and acoustic parameters by independent institutes.

Guideline for building products

The EC directive 89/106/EEC for construction products requires documents that must be prepared under national legislation within the EU. The documents must be available upon request to the customer.
This is necessary for all products that are permanently attached to a building and cannot be removed without tools or without damaging the building. Therefore Metawell® radiant / acoustic ceilings are delivered with a EC mark.

Test reports regarding Metawell® radiant ceilings:

  • cooling performance according to DIN 4715 and DIN 14240
  • heating performance according to DIN 4706 and DIN 14037
  • sound absorption according to DIN 20354 and DIN 354
  • airborne sound insulation in accordance with DIN 52210
  • thermal effect of acoustic canopies on panel heating and cooling systems
  • ball impact resistance according to DIN EN 18023-3
  • EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) according to DIN EN ISO 14025 Type III and EN 15804