Airport Munich, Terminal 3

Metawell Wandverkleidung Terminal 3 Flughafen München, wall cladding terminal 3 Airport Munich

More than 1000 m² of Metawall® A2 of the color “white” were installed for the interior facades of the airport terminal No. 3 in Munich.
Our material was used, because of the fire classification A2 – s1, d0 (non-flammable), the evenness and the big dimension of the panels, the special edge design and the low weight of 6.8 kg/m² – therefore less subconstruction was required. We are very happy about this prestigious project. So check out the picutres or have a closer look, when you stay at the Munich Airport, Terminal 3.

Retailfassade Terminal 3 München
Innenfassade Flughafen München, Terminal 3, A2